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A Quick Stop on the Way Out of Highschool

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hey Everyone,

We are going to do things a bit differently today, we are going to focus on our bigger babies- high school seniors. I want to focus on some of my favorite locations we shoot our sessions at for this special time! I am going to share my top locations and why they are my favorite so you can get a preview of what your session could look like or spark some ideas!

Myriad Botanical Gardens

1. Myriad Botanical Gardens - Myriad Gardens in OKC is beautiful and well kept up! The gardens are always looking great! It’s like you get nature and city vibes both it’s a win-win.

Paseo Arts District

2. Paso Arts District - So colorful and cool, I really love this spot. It's so eye-catching!

3. Downtown on Robinson - The full city feels in the middle of downtown OKC! All the buildings! Such a cool vibe!

Senior Session- The Law School

4. The Law School Building - Really awesome building that has so much character! On the side of the building, ivy grows along the wall and it has the coolest windows on the side!

Senior Session- Rooftop

5. Rooftop - This one’s definitely a fan favorite! The light is just so perfect in the evenings! This gives you a different perspective on the city vibes.

Devon Boat House - Senior Session

6. The Devon Boat House -

This stunning location has the most amazing water views and beautiful architecture

Hopefully, by looking at these photos you feel inspired and see the opportunity for beautiful sessions in these places! I have more locations beyond these to book and we can discuss all of that while we plan for this huge moment! I am so excited to capture this moment with your senior before they move on with their life out on their own! Ready to book? Click here to view my website and schedule your session!

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