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Halfway There!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Hey Everybody,

So we’ve discussed the maternity pictures, the newborn pictures, what’s left? 6-month pictures! I love, love, love the 6-month session! Or better said, the “sitter session” because it’s not always on the 6th month but rather when the child is sitting up on their own. Before booking, I recommend working with your little one to ensure they are sitting up on their own, unassisted. Don’t worry if they aren’t doing that at exactly 6 months, for some it’s closer to 8 months. You know your child best, so schedule when you feel they can do the above for the pictures.

6 Month Session

The great thing about the 6-month session is the versatility. We can do the photos in the studio or outside at some of my favorite locations or a location you request. As we all know, weather can be unpredictable and we do have to play it by ear with that aspect. I generally plan for outdoor sessions from March to October however, no outdoor sessions will be scheduled in the Winter months for the safety of all involved. If we decide on a summer month session we will schedule these early in the morning for cooler temps and less UV exposure. Generally speaking, morning sessions work best for these sessions because your baby has just woken from sleep and has the most energy. Indoor sessions have the most environmental control and I always include fun props but at the end of the day, I am easy and will do whatever gives you the most satisfaction. I want you to look back at these session photos with fond memories and happiness.

Now on to more important things, OUTFITS. I generally suggest bringing two outfits, if your baby will tolerate them. This provides us with more variety in the gallery and can be planned ahead of time to go with the season we are shooting. However we don’t have a ton of time so make sure you plan outfits that are easy to change or take off, nakey baby butt ones are fun too! When choosing outfits think about what will be timeless-solid colors and not anything neon or loud patterns. The best rule of thumb is to choose something that mimics the session: fun, easy, and stress-free.

At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to capture those expressions, the gummy grins, the louder-than-life giggles, and freeze this wonderful memory in time. These are some of my absolute favorite sessions at this age because the “stranger danger” hasn’t typically kicked in so I have lots of sweet moments with all the expressions. Their personalities really start to show around this age and the goal is to capture them in these sessions. Are you curious to learn more about some of the sessions I offer? Head on over to my website to read more and take a look at my current offerings! Let’s capture life’s most significant moments together.

6 Month Session Photo

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