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Hi I'm Brittney!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Brittney Diane Photography


I never was a fan of ice breakers, they always felt formal or awkward no matter how much the teachers tried. I thought I would never have to do another icebreaker again when I graduated from school, but here I am, introducing myself all over again! This time though I am excited and ready, no more teenage awkwardness! I am Brittney Parsons owner of Brittney Diane Photography and, Newborn photography is my specialty. My journey with you starts right at maternity then, newborn and capturing your baby as they grow up. I want to be there every step of the way, and I promise to always be excited as you will be, like with their first steps! I have a blended family myself made up of my son, my two bonus kids, and wonderful husband.

My husband is my biggest support and encourages me to chase all of my dreams, which has landed me behind the camera capturing your precious moments. I was always that crazy friend that had 500 photos from a single trip or birthday, and then turned it into a slideshow to show you. My husband Colby gifted me my first DSLR Camera for mothers day in 2018, and my missing spark ignited the second I clicked that shutter. I was obsessed with learning everything I could about photography, and my family was my first “clientele”. I am so unbelievably grateful that this path has now turned into a full time career for me.

Before I was a photographer I was a Registered Nurse, a career that surprisingly actually helps my daily with my photography. The experience I gained as a Nurse helps me ensure the safety of even my smallest clientele, newborns. Safety is an even bigger priority to me than capturing beautiful photos, so you can rest assured that you are in great hands. I always attend the latest workshops on photography to enhance my education, from safety classes, wrapping classes and posing courses!

When I am not capturing moments, I am fueling my addiction to ice coffee (yes I know, bad habit!), going to the movies, grabbing a slice of pizza or taking my dog Charlie to the dog park! I really want to feel like a friend to you, and if you choose me as your photographer it’ll feel like your crazy best friend cheering alongside all of your memorable moments. I would love for you to take a look around my site, I offer a lot of great tips, client testimonials, and education surrounding sessions! Heard enough and ready to schedule your first session? Let’s get started! Head on over to my scheduling section and feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns!

Brittney Diane Photographer Owner

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