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We all need some joy

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hey Everyone,

I know right now most of us are just trying to survive this insane heat wave, back-to-school shopping, and all the other craziness in our lives. That’s why I just knew I had to share this sweet and amazing story with everyone. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Megan to capture her newborns' photos. Beyond the amazing session, she shared this incredible story from her father-in-law with me.

Newborn session

Her father-in-law and mother-in-law were staying in an RV right outside the hospital so they could be in close proximity when when sweet Ryan was born.

When grandpa let the dogs out out in the morning, he found a lone golf ball, not more than 20 feet or so from the RV.

He was certain that this lone golf ball was not there the last few days before Ryan’s birth.

He picked it up and upon looking at it, realized it was a brand of golf ball that his dad (Don Ryan Pierce) would play with quite frequently!

“It certainly FELT like a sign from just beyond the moon, that dear ol’ Dad played through last night, no doubt with Mom riding along in the cart like she always did, and the ball was just a token that they’re with us and they approve!”

This is now Ryan’s first golf ball and it came from one very loved PaPa, Don Ryan Pierce Ryans namesake, on the very day and location were Ryan was born!!!

I know, incredible right? This story just made me tear up, but I had to share. Sometimes these incredible moments just happen and it reminds you of how special life truly is. Even with the craziness of life, it’s important to remember to pause and look around you because you don’t want to miss these incredible moments. I love working with all of my clients because I hear all these wonderful heartwarming, stories. I love to listen to my clients gush about their families, they tell me their funny memories, and every single client teaches me something. Speaking of incredible moments, are you wanting to capture life's biggest moments to look back on for years to come? Head on over to my website to book with me, I can't wait to get started with you!

Newborn Session

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