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365 Days of Loving Them

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Hey everyone,

We made it, it’s time to schedule the 1 year. For the last 365 days you have been raising your precious bundle of joy and the time has flown by too fast. Your sweet little newborn isn't so little anymore and now more than ever you want pictures to look back on to remember this time. And if you’re feeling adventurous, we can include the fun cake smash as part of the session. The cake smash is a tradition where you give your 1 year old their very own cake to smash and eat. It's messy, adorable and fun!

Cake Smash Session Photography

Location and Options

Just like my 6 month session (read more on this session here), this session can be held indoors or outdoors. I always have a list of outdoor locations to pick from and of course my indoor session has tons of fun props and can be controlled to match our goals of the session. I have two options for this session: Just the 1 year old session with no cake smash or you can do the 1 year old session with the cake smash. I am also excited to add that I actually offer custom cake smash sets based off the theme you tell me. I create the set especially tailored to you and I also have several sets that they can choose from too. If you want to view more about this, follow this link here. Regardless of the option you choose for your session, they both include a family session.

What's Included?

  • 2 outfits, one for family pictures, portraits and one for the cake smash.

  • Family pictures & Portraits

  • Cake smash set images

  • Cake smash


Let’s talk cake, and all the big slices. I always recommend bringing a 4 inch cake in a flavor your baby will love. If you’re having trouble finding a baker, I love Heather's Sweet Addiction, An Edmond Cottage Bakery, you can view her website here. Please also remember to bring a towel, trash bag for dirty clothes, and water. I also recommend bringing puffs or goldfish, this is a great trick if the baby does not like the cake. We place the puffs on the cake and the baby will eat the puffs and some icing. This makes it look like they are digging in, and can help them get started.


This part is sometimes the stressful part of planning your session, I always tell parents not to overthink it. You know your baby best so pick what you think they will be comfortable in and looks fun. We want this process to be as stress free and fun as possible. Remember the bring two outfits, one for the family and portrait session and another for the cake smash. I also recommend choosing outfits that are easy to change out of since we won't have a ton of time.

The 1 year sessions are a huge milestone and such a fun way to capture all their personality and cuteness. It’ll come way too fast, and be over before you know it so that’s why we use these sessions to freeze this amazing moment in time. Ready to have your cake and eat it too? Then head on over to my website to book!

Cake Smash Session

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